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Our Purpose

At Renew Projects, we pride ourselves on being much more than a typical property renovation company. As a social enterprise wholly owned by the registered charity Pacific Link Housing, we embrace a profit-for-purpose model. This approach is integral to our operations, ensuring that our earnings contribute not only to business growth but also environmental initiatives undertaken by Pacific Link Housing.

About Pacific Link Housing

Pacific Link Housing, a non-profit organisation and tier one Community Housing Provider, has been serving the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie and Hunter regions of NSW for 40 years. 

Managing over 1,200 properties, their work extends beyond tenancy management to include the construction of affordable rental housing solutions. Their commitment to meeting the evolving housing needs of the community is evident in their development of 148 units across social, affordable and market-rate rentals, with another 80 units planned.

Pacific Link Housing Team Members

Renew Projects: Contributing to a Greener Future

Our collaboration with Pacific Link Housing enables us to extend our impact beyond property renovations. Choosing Renew Projects means investing not only in quality property upgrades for your home but also in a more sustainable future. We are committed to contributing specifically to Pacific Link Housing’s environmental features in their development projects such as solar energy networks and rainwater harvesting systems, thereby supporting broader environmental goals.

Pacific Link Housing's Development Portfolio

Pacific Link Housing’s approach to sustainability is showcased in their award-winning development projects, which use low-maintenance materials, energy-efficient fixtures and rainwater recycling systems. Embedded solar energy networks and rainwater harvesting systems in new developments are key features that significantly reduce the carbon footprint of these housing solutions.

Read more about Pacific Link Housing’s Developments.

Fernleigh - Belmont

13 Units + Commercial Space

Adira - Woy Woy

12 Units

Pacific Gateway - Glendale

21 Units

Canton Beach Apartments

30 Studio Apartments

Talia - Woy Woy

31 Studio Apartments + Commercial Space

Kings Landing - Roselands

26 Studio Apartments

Our Unified Purpose-Driven Approach

As a proud subsidiary of Pacific Link Housing, Renew Projects is aligned with an organisation that has 40 years of expertise in community housing. Our team of tradespeople brings practical skills to every project, but it’s our connection to Pacific Link Housing that broadens our impact. This partnership gives us a broader purpose, ensuring that every project is supported by a holistic approach to property and tenancy management.

Pacific Link Housing also operates Key2 Realty, another social enterprise providing property management services to residential landlords. Together, we are committed to meeting the comprehensive housing needs of our community with a unified, purpose-driven approach.

Pacific Link Housing and Renew Projects

Looking to transform your home?

At Renew Projects, every renovation is a step towards a greener future. Engage with us on your upcoming project, and you’ll play a role in supporting the environmental initiatives within Pacific Link Housing’s developments. Contact us to discuss how your renovation can make a difference.